If you look closely, you may actually see the wings that have grown on Sara’s back. That’s because those wings (and an occasional airplane, boat or bicycle) have taken her on travels that span the globe.

When we can actually staple her feet to the floor, she uses this uncommon experience and her love of our fragile Western landscape to make sure we do things right.

Sara uses the skills and knowledge gained during her undergraduate and Master’s Degree education at the University of Arizona and prestigious fellowships and internships at The Tejido Group, The Drachman Institute and Longwood Gardens to constantly tell us what to do. Thankfully, she is always right and can back up her visions via three-dimensional models or photographic simulations with jaw droppingly positive results.

Sara is known for her wise cracks, number of stamps in her passport, nerdy affinity for gardening, as well as logical and elegant design solutions. Sara’s interaction with every client is both memorable and valuable, elevating Connect One’s work to new heights and stretching its boundaries to new horizons.

“It’s not the steak, it’s the sizzle.”
– Elmer Wheeler