Client: River Bluff Townhomes HOA
Location: Aspen, Colorado
Project Status: Completed Fall 2014

Connect One Design was competitively selected by the River Bluff Townhomes HOA to create a landscape design that would renew the somewhat dated exterior of the property while increasing sales values and market competitiveness of the units. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the proposed design alternatives also addressed critical maintenance considerations including negative drainage patterns, dangerous snow dump areas, and ice damming on porches and sidewalks.

C1D worked with the property manager, owner’s rep, and HOA board to create and evaluate 3 design alternatives. The proposed designs drastically reduce the amount of hardscape on the property, soften the rectilinear façade of the three buildings, and increase the privacy and sense of entry at each of the 12 units. The new circulation is carefully woven among an extensive grove of large aspens, and follows an existing stream course. The design also creates a more upscale and useable community space, and provides ADA accessibility to all areas of the property.

Design Elements

· Private Access to Individual Units
· Enhanced Stream Edge
· Gathering Spaces
· Community Fire Pits
· Native Wildflower Meadows

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